Anarkali Suits

Indian fashion is full of vibrant and exciting clothing that reveals an extensively rich history and diverse cultural heritage. From the scintillating saree styles, the intricately patterned embroidery to the dazzling gem-encrusted accessories. Indian fashion continuously fills us with wonder particularly as a lot of the traditional clothing is wrapped up in thrilling tales from years ago. One such garment that gets its name from an exceptionally intriguing story is Anarkali suits. Anarkali suits are worn by Pakistani and Indian women and comprise of a long top kurti for the upper half and a long circular skirt for the lower part of the outfit. These garments are worn with a dupatta and churidar.

These days this outfit has become hugely popular and designer anarkali suits are a big feature of Indian fashion houses. As far as hourglass body shapes go, a lot of Indian wedding dresses work for this shape, such as Anarkali suits, opt for tighter fabrics to accentuate the mid section of your figure. Lehengas with shorter tops look great to show off your waste as well as draped sarees. However, I would not suggest mermaid lehengas as they emphasize larger hips/bum and isn’t the most flattering for hourglass shapes. If you are someone who is looking to buy some gorgeous Wedding Anarkali Suits and Diwali Salwar Kameez from the convenience of your home, then the best option for you would be to do so from a reputed online ethnic fashion store such as which is known for its scintillating collections of Salwar Kameez, Anarkali Suits, Sarees and a range of other Indian ethnic silhouettes. A slim athletic body shape is extremely versatile and suits almost every style of Indian wedding dress and outfit. Both together fitting and floaty styles suit this body shapes, but the most flattering would be mermaid shape lehengas as they will add some shape/curves to your body shape.

Indian Wedding Dresses

One of the most beautiful kinds of Indian wedding attire is the crop top lehenga which is simply heavenly to behold. Simple and short relaxed blouses worn with a high waist lehenga skirt is also one of the most popular choices for young girls attending wedding parties. This combination is quite versatile as it can be mixed and matched with innumerable prints and patterns to create a stunning visual treat for onlookers. Sequined blouses paired with heavily embroidered skirts, are bound to help you achieve the bling look. Alternatively, you could also try wearing a plain crop top blouse with a shimmery flowing skirt. This style doesn’t even require a dupatta, you can just choose to go ahead and experiment with your favorite choice of color, pattern and style.

Everyone who has ever shopped for a wedding outfit has known the difficulty that the whole process entails. With the sheer quantity of outfits and designs that are available today along with the number of colors, embroidery and embellishment works, makes choosing a single outfit a mind-boggling experience. We give you some insight into how you can make the whole experience easier, yet come out successful in finding the perfect outfit for you. If you are someone who is on the lookout for a store with an amazing Indian Wedding Collection, then the best alternative to going from store to store in search of a New Sarees Collection and avoiding the hassle and heartache of not being able to find suitable styles that are in accordance with your tastes and preferences would be to go for Online Kanchipuram Silk Sarees from reputed Online ethnic fashion websites such as which have one of the best collections of Bridal Dresses Online.

With there being so many variations and varieties of Indian Wedding Dresses, it comes down to choosing the best sort of style for you. The first thing to look for when choosing the right sort of outfit for you from Indian Wedding Dresses is to look for a style that you will be most comfortable in. Secondly it is important to find a style that is in perfect accordance with your tastes and desires. And only lastly but optionally does it matter to find something that is in perfect alignment with current trends and present day fads.

Best Indian Wedding Clothes

In India wedding fashion involves a lot of fabrics, colours, textures, styles and patterns ranging from traditional to contemporary. Since the traditions and customs vary from region to region brides and groom have different forms of Indian wedding dresses to suit their heritage. But a few best Indian wedding dresses are common and are used all over India.

For the Indian bride who loves her red can choose from a variety of outfits like bridal saree, lehenga choli and half saree in various fabrics like like silk, brocade, georgette, crepe and velvet to look stunning with gold or silver metallic embroidery and embellishments. If you want to go traditional then the best option is a bridal saree or a half saree in rich elegant fabrics like kanjeevaram silk, Mysore silk, brocade & benarasi silk. You can opt for a lehenga choli if it is a contemporary look that you wish for. Lehenga cholis are the most preferred Indian wedding dresses. They come in flowy fabrics in various designs, styles and cuts. The bridal saree, half saree and the lehenga choli for a bride In India are paired with a odani (heavy embroidered dupatta) or an Indian veil to complete the look.

For the Grooms, Indian wedding dresses come in shades of maroon, red, gold and many other elegant colours. The best Indian wedding dresses for groom are the kurta pajama and sherwani. They can also wear an achkan, a long coat or a kurta with waist coat paired with trendy pants to give a contemporary look. Sherwanis and kurta pajama are the most common choices. A Jodhpuri suit is also in trend and is one among the best Indian wedding dresses. Mens Indian wedding dresses are usually paired with a contrasting stole and turbans to make them look elegant and Royal. They opt for mojaris to complete the ethnic look.

Indian Wedding Reception Dresses

Just like the grand episode of the Indian wedding, an Indian wedding reception has as much grandeur. A bride and groom will need to look her best for the reception as that will be their first look as a couple. Designers create Indian wedding reception clothes with the same interest at they create Indian wedding clothes. There are many design and styles when it comes to choosing Indian wedding reception clothes. Being a bride you can choose from reception half saree, reception saree or a lehenga to look stunning. Designers create the reception collection keeping in mind the modern brides who love to keep up with the trend and perfect style.

Wedding reception saree is an elegant and beautiful outfit. For the finale of your wedding ceremony going for wedding saree by exploring the collection online will help you find the right attire for you. Wedding reception saree come in variety of designs, styles, colours and fabrics. Red saree online collection is also an apt choice to don for your wedding reception. You can also go for reception Half saree that will make you look impeccably beautiful.

Indian weddings are incomplete without Wedding reception lehengas. If you have kept your lehenga for the reception ceremony then you have made the perfect choice. Lehenga is one the most popular outfit of the Indian wedding fashion industry. The indian wedding lehengas are fully embroidered and embellishments and come in beautiful colours to enhance the look of newly wedded bride.

Saree gowns, anarkali suits and lehenga sarees are also trendy to wear as reception dresses. They come in interesting colours with exquisite works of stones, crystals, beads and sequins to make the bride look stylish and

You can shop all the Indian wedding reception dresses both in retail and online stores to make your day a memorable one.

Indian Wedding Lehenga

The most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life is her wedding. So to look her best on that day she will definitely need the best outfit. There is an ocean of Indian wedding dresses from various bridal brands to choose from. All a bride needs is her time and patience to find the right outfit that will make her look like a million dollar baby. The available outfits are the Bridal Lehenga and Wedding Saree especially Silk Saree to make the bride look stunning. Nowadays to notch up the modern look many brides prefer the lehenga. Be it the traditional bridal lehenga, designer lehenga choli or the latest lehenga saree.

A lehenga is considered for be the greatest and the most preferred wedding dress in India. There are so many varieties of lehenga available online and in retail stores that a bride can wear lehengas for all her ceremonies. For instance she can opt for a fish cut glossy lehenga for her engagement and then opt for a heavy bridal silk A-line lehenga for her wedding day and then finally don a glittering lehenga with a heavy intricately worked chic crop top for her reception party.

Lehengas come in a wide colour palette ranging from bright bold colours like red, orange,green, blue to pastel shades of pink, peach, pista and sky blue. Ombré shaded lehengas are also in fashion. The bridal lehengas come in variety of fabrics like silk, georgette, satin, crepe, raw silks and velvet to suit the different needs of the bride. A bridal lehenga always is donned with heavy intricate bridal glittering embroidery of zardosi and Resham accompanied with embellishments of stones, crystals, beads and sequins. The heaviness of the work varies from lehenga to lehenga.

The best available method to find “the”lehenga is to shop online. You will have a huge collection to choose from. Online shopping of bridal lehenga also saves time and money. It also gets your outfit delivered home without much difficulty. And if you are lucky you might even get a great discount or deal when buying your bridal lehenga.

Indian Wedding Dresses

A few years back brides had to dress for their weddings according to their family standards. The higher their standard so expensive was their wedding, exclusive the dress and richer the props. They set the trends for all the brides of India. As time went by so did the fashion in wedding dresses changed. Brides has started to wear fashionable wedding dresses made of rich fabrics and bold colours that the fashion industry has to offer.

India is a country rich in culture, tradition and heritage. So each state has different wedding dress to suit their culture and tradition. But in general the Indian wedding dresses consists of the Wedding bridal saree, Bridal Lehenga, Lehenga Saree and Wedding Half Saree.

Usually the northern Indian wedding dresses are red or green while that in the south is usually white or off white coloured.

To keep up with tradition brides wear a wedding bridal saree or a wedding half saree which is made of rich fabrics like silk, brocade and velvet. The most commonly preferred saree is the kanjeevaram of the south in elegant colours and rich gold zari borders with catchy designs imprinted on it.

To top the notch up and to be chic many brides wear bridal lehenga. Lehengas come in a wide variety of patterns ranging from A-line lehengas to fish cut lehengas. The latest trend in the Indian wedding dresses is the lehenga saree which is part saree and part lehenga.

Lehenga saree is a saree with readymade pleated skirt attached to it. All these Indian wedding dresses come in rich beautiful colours with heavy glittering intricate embroidery of zardosi combined with embellishments of crystals, stones, beads and sequins.

More than the retail stores online sites have a lot of collection when it comes to Indian Wedding dresses. You can save time and money when shopping online. You can avail the best wedding dress going through a lot of options and getting it delivered at your doorstep without much hassle.

Customized Tailoring

Anyone who has waited until the previous night before their event can tell you how impossible it is to get your perfect dress stitched on time. Stitching outside makes it hectic for customers to search an expert tailor who delivered the outfit on time. Searching for a tailor on the roads can be a fool’s errand.

Stitching online customized outfits was once considered for bespoke and couture customers only. But nowadays many customers are going for online Tailoring to make their job simple and easy.

Fashion today has made it easy to be updated with trend but the quality of stitching has lowered. Several online tailoring services are here to reverse the trend by offering customized tailoring services.

To get an outfit or a garment stitched the best available option is stitching online. For online dress stitching customers have to fill out measurement profile which hardly takes a few minutes and then choose your neckline, sleeves and design pattern for stitching online.

Online tailoring provides for made to order garments which take a few days to ship by tailors online. Online dress stitching is the best method to customize your outfit according to your preferences for any event be it a party, a wedding or any festival. Online tailoring is one of the largest and fastest growing online e-commerce category. There are many startup tailors online offering customized clothing for both men and women.  

Customized stitching online service make bespoke outfits for women at lower prices and get them to the customer on time without any delay. Online dress stitching service gives customers a more convenient and streamlined stitching experience. Online tailoring service aims to serve the affordable exclusive luxury market who are expecting to keep the garment’s for a longer period of time.